Tribute to Def Poetry

Def Poetry Jam, hosted by Mos Def and presented by Russell Simmons, has been going strong on HBO since 2002 and the new season started last week. It is well worth checking out and (maybe) even staying in on a Friday night to watch (or at least setting the DVR to record it). So here are some of my favorite videos from youtube, definitely worth taking a few minutes and watching them. If you're in China, you'll be stuck doing a youtube search or, if you're lucky, I'm sure the dvds are available SOMEWHERE...

INQ on hip hop (if you love hip hop, you gotta check this out, lots of good memories!):

J. Ivy representing Chicago (does this sound familiar to anyone? Know why?):

Sorry, I know its going overboard, but I love this one!

And always some Asians representing, like Beau Sia:

And Denizen Kane (again representing the Chi!):

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