"Spring is Here! Why doesn't My Heart Go Dancing?"

I don't know how the weather is in Beijing right now, but in Chicago we almost reached 80 degrees today. Is it still March??? What is going on? If anybody needs proof of the existence of global warming and isn't scared yet, this should do it for them.

I bemoaned the mild winter which meant my home away from home, the "pond," was actually that for much of the winter. Though during the 2 weeks or so it was actually "winter," I was able to snap the shot below:scenic pond hockeyAnyways, being outside today and especially coming out of the rink tonight and wearing short sleeves, it made me reminisce (cue "Back in the Day") about beautiful spring days in Bloomington and night walks home from the library while thinking about anything and everything (and especially what a young lad's mind turns to during the spring). I love spring (almost as much as I love the fall) as its a time of rejuvination and makes one feel anything is possible. Well, just wanted to share a bit of my hope...

I also wanted to note that while it seemed 12 Months in the Middle Kingdom was taking a break for awhile, he's back and with some great pictures.

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