Forget the Olympics, Let's Get Married

An interesting article in the New York Times today about the large number of people who are planning on getting married on July 7 this year. Get it, 7/7/07? After seeing the article, if there's going to be that big a jump in marriages on 7/7, can you imagine how many people in China will want to get married on August 8 of next year? I don't put much stock in this stuff (hey, the world was supposed to end on my birthday), but its interesting to see how many people want to choose a perceived "lucky" date for their wedding.

Of course 8/8/08 is also the day that the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics are to be held (at exactly 8 seconds to 8:08 pm). It only makes sense Beijing would want to choose a lucky day, considering the fact China's Olympic dream came true on Friday the 13th!

I couldn't find any of my photos of the "candidate city" logo, which was so much better than the stupid "Dancing Beijing" logo. While we're at it, is it too late to ditch the fuwa "friendlies" and replace them with Fu Niu Le Le, the much cuter (and less crass consumerism) Paralympics mascot? Anyways, the photo:

Olympic logo inside a mall


Anonymous said...

if i have chance, I will choose get married at 08/08/08...haha.

Martin in beijing

nancy said...

my friend got married last year 6-6-6, obviously they are non-believers. but nothing evil happened on them. their marriage is going strong... seriously?...8 second after 8pm is the time the opening ceremony begins.. i think that's too much...