Saturday Photo Thread: Early Edition/Final Four Edition

golfwith spring here, hope everyone can get out and golf this weekend, or do whatever they enjoy...The above is the closest I'll probably come to posting a photo of myself here...

I figured with the Final Four being today, I should inculde these:
dc and gtown campus in distancetaken from the Key Bridge, near the Georgetown campus. I have many found memories of running across the bridge and through Gerogetown when it was far from what it is today and when people were still whispering about the Starbucks where "it" happened.

columbus, ohthe same can't be said for the city where OSU is located, boring old Columbus...Over the past few years I've spent more time in Columbus than most wish to in a lifetime. If you're looking for somebody to cheer for, just don't cheer for boring Ohio State (nor should you cheer for Florida because Noah needs to cut his damn hair!).

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