Hip Hop China 1 - Gong Fu

zhen gong fu restaurantNo, not that kind of Gongfu (the fighting or the restaurant)...This one:
gongfu album cover
Hip hop China sounds like an oxymoron and, to be honest, it really is. There are a lot of message boards and a ton of people who are talking about hip hop on the web, but very few are actually doing it. Those that are tend to focus on the dancing more than anything, the other 3 elements get tossed by the wayside. Most likely, as with rock music, the Chinese language and hip hop simply don't mix.

Gong Fu, from Tianjin, was one of the first to break out onto the mainstream scene in China with a record called 冲动 (Impulse) a few years back. Yeah, so despite my promises of new music, we're talking about stuff from 2005 or so and not from yesterday. While the state of hip hop in China and my love for hip hop would both make reasonable post topics, those will be saved for another day, let's get right into the music.
功夫 - 日落 : Gongfu - Sunset

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