Probert School of Hockey

I'm sorry, I saw a post on Mirtle's website today about Bob Probert starting his own hockey school and couldn't resist. While Probert was a decent player when he put his mind to it, probably one of the best playing enforcers and also definitely had great hands for such a big guy
(especially in light of what he usually used them for), most remember just one thing about Probert, his fighting. For much of his career, especially during the late 80s and early to mid 90s, he was the undisputed heavyweight champion fighter in hockey. On top of that, during a number of those years, Probert couldn't play in Canada due to a cocaine conviction on the border. For those who remember those aspects of his career, the mind fairly boggles about what he'd teach the youth of Canada.

These classic tilts with Tie Domi made them both cult heros with their teams and in Chicago and Detroit, you still see Probert jerseys around the arena on a regular basis.

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