Music of Minorities 1 - Siqin Gerile (斯琴各日乐)

siqin gerileIts hard enough coming up with good content for the blog, but mp3 posts are particularly difficult, especially putting together the content (I know, I know, I should stop whining about it). One subject that I thought might work is minority music, especially those artists who have went mainstream with it. Arguably, this thread started with Cui Jian, as he is ethnically Korean, but we'll kick it off with Gerile, a favorite of mine. Obvious future entries could be Han Hong, Dao Lang, and...well, not sure beyond that. So, on to Siqin Gerile, for those interested here is her webpage and here is the blog...

Gerile is born and raised in Inner Mongolia and (if it wasn't already obvious), she is ethnically Mongolian. Her first album called New Century (新世纪)was released in 2001 to much popular acclaim and led to an appearance on that year's Spring Festival special. I really enjoyed that album, though I haven't really followed her career much since (which has included 2 more album releases). She has a very interesting style, remaking some old school so, using some traditional elements, and throwing in heavy guitar riffs and rock or techno music. Without further adu, the music:

斯琴各日乐 - 山歌好比江春水
斯琴各日乐 - 故乡 : Siqin Gerile - Hometown
斯琴各日乐 - 新世纪 : Siqin Gerile - New Century
斯琴各日乐 - 捍卫 : Siqin Gerile - Defender
斯琴各日乐 - 我自己 : Siqin Gerile - Myself