Around Beijing: Mall Openings

Last week saw two major happenings, first the disappointing end (for a month) of Gongti restaurants and bars happened earlier than expected as Mix, Vics, Kro's Nest and the rest shut their doors on Wednesday night. Then, just down the street, the Villages at Sanlitun saw a number of openings over the weekend, including the much anticipated opening of China's first Apple Store (see yesterday's post). Among the other openings is a Nike store to offset the huge Adidas store as well as sportswear brand Mizuno's largest China shop. For non-athletic footwear, Steve Madden and Birkenstock have opened up outlets. Beyond that, there's a Vero Moda/Jack Jones, but as of right now, that's about it, though Uniqlo looks to be ready soon.

A similar scene down the road as there haven't been many new openings in the new Nali Studios. American Apparel looks like it will be ready pre-Olympics, but that's the only store that looks like its near ready. A shoe store has opened and the Magic Pantry is full of great tools for chefs. The Saddle is hopping on a regular basis, but every time I pass by the area, Ciro's Pomodore still looks completely empty on a nightly basis and I've yet to talk to anyone whose eaten there, how long can this place hold on?

While we're at it, the new Lotte Mall at Wangfujing looks like some of its tenants may be ready to move in any day now.

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