Olympics Style: More On China's Opening Ceremony Outfits

A lot has been said around the web, both in English and Chinese, about China's choice of attire for the Opening Ceremonies. Two of the most common comparisons are to McDonalds and to the ever popular dish of egg and tomato. Personally, I'm not a fan of the yellow shirts on the guys, the shade is just off, something a little lighter might have looked a lot better. Also, the ties look like they were recycled from the 2004 Games. I think the overall effect of the yellow, white and red makes it feel like the outfit is very 土, or to explain it in English, let's just say countryside farmer comes to the big city fashion style. I understand these outfits are only worn once and every country typically just follows the national flag, but they could have done something far classier, like a tan suit, white shirt, and yellow and red striped tie, but I digress. My biggest complaint about the outfits is that the national crest appears to simply be pinned on at one end, leaving it to flap around, turn sideways, or even fall off. Couldn't they have sewn these onto the blazers?!?

Pictures from Friday's activities (all pictures courtesy of Sina), giving a close up of what these outfits look like:

Here are some grainy (sorry for that, but it's all I could find), versions of what the team looked like in Athens, a far better look:


The Humanaught said...

Maybe the crests were a last-minute Party addition - sort of to remind everyone who's putting on the show?

I don't see them on the Athens uniforms.

b. cheng said...

The quality of the Athens picture is horrible, but the Athens one had the same pinned on crest.