Olympics Style: The Opening Ceremonies Part 2

More styles that we can expect to see during the Opening Ceremonies. Many people think China got it wrong, but how did other countries do:

Romania - Wow! The turqouise blazer, especially for the guys, is daring, but with the slim fitting khakis and hat, it looks really nice. The outfit avoids the typical flag colors design, and is a real winner, one of the best looks I've seen so far and one of the few that would not look out of place out on the town.

Russia- White pants count, number 4. I like the women's outfit a lot, the men's blazer looks good, a nice, tighter fit and shorter cut, but that patterned shirt is too over the top for me. Why couldn't they just go with a white shirt and maybe use that pattern as a pocket square, that would have been a far more unique touch and far more fashionable.
Spain-The one look that could be worse than China's is made by another Chinese brand, in this case, Li Ning. The red suits on the men aren't even the worst part, what's with the red stripes on the women's outfits, making it look like athletics wear? And why the Li Ning logo on these outfits, not even Polo did that!
USA-Not sure if this will be the official opening ceremony look or not, especially the women's wear, but what the guy has on seems like its quite possibly what the team will be wearing, very preppy, very American, very Polo. The sweater vest may be a bit much for the Beijing heat, though. Oh yeah, and it brings the white pants count to 5.

Uganda- The African and Middle Eastern countries often bring their more traditional, cultural garb (why didn't the Chinese squad come out in qipaos and Mao jackets?) and Uganda will be no exception. I know those aren't pants, but they are covering the legs and they are white, so that brings the count to 6.

more coming tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

actually--check out the polo logo on the USA outfits--they're everywhere