The Style Guide to Collecting Medals

Adidas released the design of the Chinese team medal stand track suit last week, moving away from the template that it used for all other participants in this summer's Games. The outfit is downright stylish compared to what China has worn in previous Olympics, though it's more for the medal stand and not for the street, yet I'm sure it's bound to be a big seller. Below are pictures of the outfit as well as the garb from previous Olympics. For those who are fans of the Li Ning designs, retro versions (and the matching shoes) are currently on sale in Li Ning stores around the city.

Here is this year's design:

And the previous designs

Athens (Li Ning):

Sydney (Li Ning):

Atlanta (Li Ning):

Barcelona (Li Ning):

Seoul (Asics):

Los Angeles (unknown):


Hotpoter said...

I don't like the matching yellow and red uniforms; seems too dull (太土了)

Peter said...

I like the newest one a lot. Looks pretty cool.

b. cheng said...

I personally don't think its that bad, especially if you see the template adidas ones which are just plain boring. I really like the dark shade of red in the first photo, I hope its more like that and not the reddish orange in the photo.

Michael said...

I want it!!! but i cant find them anywhere :(