Summer Refreshment Made Easy

City Weekend and Shanghaiist have been talking about something I discovered myself a few weeks back, but due to my blog hiatus, never posted about. Since at least the end of summer/fall of last year, Kirin has been selling a canned alcoholic grapefruit juice in convenience shops around Shanghai. The drink was halfway decent, but extremely sweet and not something to accompany most Chinese meals.

Recently, though, the two cans pictured above(picture from City Weekend) have also been spotted on display. I've tried both and can't exactly give a glowing review of them. They are cloyingly sweet and very fruity without any recognizable alcoholic kick whatsoever. However, they're kept very cold and would make something halfway decent to sip on a hot summers day. To all those who are too cool for sparkling wine in a can, come on, you're probably the same hipster doofus in the US who was sipping your Sofia with a straw two years back?

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