Olympics Style: The Opening Ceremonies Part 1

China's Opening Ceremony garb has taken a lot of criticism online since it was first shown to the public last week. I kind of thought most countries would use the colors of their flag in their choice of attire, but that isn't always the case. Below are some of the styles you'll see during this year's Opening Ceremony:

Australia - Sure, some people feel the team looks like flight attendants (especially the women) and it doesn't really play up the national colors, but its pretty classy.

Belgium - These are relatively fashion forward, and one wonders about the tshirt instead of a collared shirt on the guys, but still look very good.

France- The men look wonderful, very classic, exactly what you'd expect from the Frenchies. The women look good as well, though that red "belt" around the waste and the hat kind of ruins the look.

Germany- Very simple, very classy, and the first white pants sighting (these will be seen on a lot more teams).

Greece- More white pants (that makes the count 3, including China), and the first (and perhaps only) look that might be worse than the Chinese outfits. I'm not a fan of the white suit, especially when paired with a club collar and white tie. If they could have gone with a blue tie, it would have helped things a lot. The major plus is the actual crest instead of China's pinned on one, it looks so much better this way.


Hotpoter said...

I like these outfits. With these outfits, I can be sure that after the opening and closing ceremony, the athletes still can wear it outside. Can't say the same for the Chinese uniforms.

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