Olympics Style: China's Opening Ceremony Wardrobe

It seems that white is the color for outfits at this year's Opening Ceremonies. Many nations have already released their outfits, and I'll take a look at them in the coming days, but most importantly, China has displayed what it's athletes will be wearing during the Opening Ceremonies on August 8th.

Most countries stick to their familiar national colors when choosing their opening ceremony outfit and China is no different. Not left with a lot of color choices, but that shade of yellow looks particularly hideous, as does the tie and the 70s disco collar on the men.  I'm left to seriously wonder who thought the yellow shirts would look good, last time around they wore a similar tie with a white shirt, which looked okay (these looks never are great).  The shape of the hat is also particularly unusual. The white pants seem to be the thing to wear, many other delegations will be decked out in white, let's just hope the weather is nice on 8/8 and the skies unpolluted or else those whites might not stay so white. Overall, the women's outfits are nice, but the men's ones are really horrible, especially the white shoes. Who designed these?!?

The outfit:

Also presented was another adidas track suit, this one in line with the general adidas template:


Hotpoter said...

Who designed this? The designer obviously lacks in creativity.
Here's what went through their minds:
1st designer: "we need to think up some colors."
2nd designer: "how about the two colors on the flag."
1st designer: "red and yellow, that's it?"
2nd designer: "why not, we can't go wrong!"

b. cheng said...

I agree, but the thing is that most countries are the same. The only thing I really have a problem with are the patches and ties.

caitlin said...

Of course the outfits are the country's colors. It's the Olympics. The games are meant to be a patriotic show of athletic ability. So why not wear your country's colors? Would you expect United States athletes to show up in anything but red, white, and blue?
That being said, the Chinese opening ceremony wardrobe is quite hideous in design. They look like ketchup and mustard bottles.