Olympics Style: The Opening Ceremonies Part 3

More styles, though this could be the final look at them before the Opening Ceremonies begin. For this addition, we're looking at Asian style, in this case it looks good. One of the best things about all 3 of these styles is that, unlike China's wardrobe, they stay away from just implementing the flag colors in the design.

Japan- Japan went over the top, having a travel wardrobe, and then the Opening Ceremony outfit. The travel wardrobe is the trendy grey suits seen on the right, whereas the Opening Ceremony outfits is the one in the middle. They go with a light blue and use the flag as a crest on the blazer. I don't like the collar outside the shirt look (similar to China) and this brings the white pants count to 7, but overall a trendy outfit with a very modern cut.

Korea- This is probably my favorite of all the outfits, ahead of Romania, France, and Belgium. The cut of the blazers is very trendy and its still a dressed up look, but they avoided white pants by switching the colors around, a nice touch. They were also still able to use the flag colors, though red doesn't come into play anywhere. I really love this look.

Hong Kong- Similar to Korea, but in a more traditional, British cut. It's a great look, but I'm not sure if its because of all the pictures or just the colors, they don't pull it off in the cool way Korea does. Overall, yet another look that is far better than China's.

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